Useful websites

There are so many fabulous websites that can help you with your quilting, whether it's looking for a project or a specific skill you are wanting to learn.   Of course there are also lots of opportunities to shop on line for your supplies or to research items you are looking to purchase.  Whatever you want to do use the internet as another tool in your box!  

We were very lucky to welcome Karen Parry from Entaco, makers of John James and other needles to one of our meetings in 2015, they have a great website at 

Other 'supplies' website include Creative Grids at with a good selection of mats, rulers, cutters and other tools.

If you are looking for fabric try Doughty's at or Empress Mills at I can recommend a visit to Doughty's in Hereford if you are in the area and, having seen Empress Mills at various shows, I'm sure their shop is equally as good.

You might also find the Waddipaedia file useful. This was developed by Sue Nickson and Alison Crisp and gives details of the properties and usage of a wide selection of wadding.
Wadding chart

If you want to learn how to make a specific block or get ideas for projects take a look at You Tube - video clips I have watched and learnt from have been very helpful and I particularly like the Missouri Star Quilt Company and the Gourmet Quilter.  

YouTube Video from the Gourmet Quilter

Pete Read,
7 Jul 2016, 08:46