#NHS sewing appeal

UPDATE: Number of NHS items made to date: 2545 

Thank you to everyone (from Studley Quilters...and beyond) who has sewn, provided fabric and/or has coordinated collections and deliveries. 

Masks and Bags for NHS

Have you got time for a quick sewing project? 

We have had a request for fabric drawstring bags for nurses as follows:

Currently, the majority of nursing staff are taking their clean uniform to work in a plastic carrier bag. After their shift, they remove their clothes, put them back into the bag and then take them home to boil. The plastic carrier bags have to be thrown away. The nursing staff don't want to do this, especially with all the hard work we've been doing regarding single-use plastic. 

So, this is where you come in... could you hunt out some fabric that would withstand boiling or washing on a really hot wash?  This could then be made into drawstring bags which would be a very welcome gift to our fanstastic NHS staff.  Or maybe you have some old thick pillow cases that would be suitable for making some.

Realistically, each nurse needs two bags so that they can be using one while the other is drying. They need to be the size of a normal carrier bag...roughly 17"x15" 


Please #protectthenhs  

If you can help please do so; any help would be very much appreciated. Thank you 🥰

Let Helena know if you have managed to make one or two (or more!) and she will sort out details for delivery.